Safe Zone Training Program

What is Safe Zone Training?

Safe Zone training is a national training program which provides people the education and tools to create change and make spaces safer for Queer and Trans (QT) people. each session is a 3 hour training.

This training program is a three-plus-part training and begins with Safe Zone 1: QT 101. QT 101 covers topics related to: definitions/terms & QT stories.  

Safe Zone 2 and Safe Zone 3 are designed to think more critically through intersections of identity and what it means to be an active ally versus a performative ally.

What will I get out of this training?

At the end of this training, participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss differences between biological sex, gender, and sexual orientation.

  2. Explain how biological sex, gender, and sexual orientation are socially constructed.

  3. Understand how to correct oneself/others when using incorrect pronouns for someone.

  4. Identify context-specific allyship strategies.

Additionally, each participant will receive a Safe Zone binder which comes equipped with a list of local resources, reference guides for terminology that you might not be familiar with, and serves as a home base for the next two Safe Zone trainings as well as a place to keep track of your Queering the Zone (supplemental presentations) materials.

Safe Zone for the Community

SGD is proud to offer Safe Zone to the community for an affordable cost. For information on rates, dates, and more, email