Kayleen To (She/Hers)

Student Social Media Ambassador
Primary office:
Kansas Union
Room #435


Kayleen To (she/her/hers) is currently a freshman at KU planning to study finance and marketing and potentially entering a career in healthcare management. She also hopes to begin her own journey of social entrepreneurship of combining two of her passions, clothing, and social issues around the world. She plans to eventually start her own small business, a clothing line that donates a percentage of its profit in support of various social issues present in today's society.

She finds importance and love within her family and friends (including her dog and fish) and uses their support to keep herself motivated in her life endeavors. She constantly is trying to grow and educate herself every day to be a valued member to society, and to be part of something larger than herself. She believes that SGD is a key steppingstone in her journey to making a difference in her community and will help shape her into the best version of herself.

When she is not working, she enjoys listening to new music, impulsively cutting and dying her hair, and enjoys taking pictures of life's most precious moments and the people most important to her.