Faculty Finds: Recorded Conversations with LGBTQ experts at KU

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Researchers doing LGBTQ+ work

At a large institution it can be hard to find our people. The Faculty Finds program helps to make the institution smaller. Here, we talk with researchers who are working to reduce systemic barriers, enhance wellbeing, and further learning about the LGBTQ community.

Introduction to Faculty Finds program with Ash Wilson

Amanda Mollet - Higher Education Administration

Briana McGeough - School of Social Welfare

Nick Syrett - Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Katie Batza - Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Ani Kokobobo - Slavic, German, and Eurasian Studies

Nik Mitchell - Curriculum and Teaching

Aimee Wilson - Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Megan Kaminski - English and Environmental Studies

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