Wellness Wednesday Webinars: Centering QT wellness at KU

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QT people and wellness

It is important for everyone to center their wellness, but even more so for QT people. QT people experience health concerns at disproportionate rates. Tune into our weekly conversations at The Center or over Zoom with various campus partners working to highlight QT health care.

Join us every Wednesday at 12 for a wellness related topic tailored to QT students.

Link to join Webinar: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/99300110392

Passcode: 2022

Episode 1: SGD's affinity spaces and events

Episode 2: Gender Affirming Care and Watkins Health Services

Episode 3: University of Kansas Health Systems - Gender Diversity Clinic

Episode 4: Legal name change with Legal Services for Students and Legal Aid Clinic

Click here for Kansas Legal Services - Name Change Project.

Click here for National Center for Transgender Equality – ID Documents Center

Episode 5: Health Education Resource Office (HERO) services and Wellness Fair

Episode 6: Mental Health with Counseling and Psychological Services & Psychological Clinic

Episode 7: Mental health resource off campus with Bert Nash and KSPHQ

Click here for The Trevor Project's 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health.

Click here for KSPHQ's volunteer opportunities. 

Click here for Bert Nash's registration process and documents

Episode 8: The Importance of Pronouns with The Center for LGBTQ+ Research and Advocacy

Episode 9: Supporting Students Through Difficult Times with Student Support and Case Management and The Ombuds Office

Episode 10: Living on campus as a QT student with KU Student Housing

Episode 12: QT identities and religion/spirituality with various local leaders

Episode 13: Going to the doctor with Watkins Health Services

Episode 14: Financial Aid and Scholarships

Episode 15: Eating on Campus with Dining and the Campus Cupboard

Episode 16: Alcohol use in the QT community

Episode 17: Tobacco use in the QT community

Episode 18: Safer Sex Practices with HERO and SAPEC

Episode 19: The Job Search as a QT Person

Episode 20: Studying Abroad as a QT student

Episode 21: Support for QT survivors of Sexual Assault

Episode 22: Centering Joy

Episode 23: All Gender Restrooms

Episode 24: Getting a new KU ID