On-Demand Education

Here, you'll find an ever growing collection of on-demand education and resources. SGD is dedicated to creating and collecting material for the campus community to use in order to make KU a safe and celebratory place for all QT people. You'll find recordings of program that speak to SGD's four pillars of Advocacy, Connection, Education, and Wellness. 

We encourage staff and faculty to utilize these resources in their class instruction, supervision of staff, professional development, and more. We're always working to expand our resources and offer relevant material. If you have suggestions and or request, please email us at SGD@ku.edu

Highlighted Collaborations

Breaking the Chains of Stigma: "Cured" Q&A

Join Cornelius Baker from SGD, CAPS, and DEIB as we discuss the removal of homosexuality from the DSM.
Marketing for CURED

Queering the Zone: Criminalization of QT People in the US

Join SGD and Cornelius Baker as we discuss criminalization of QT people through laws, policies, the criminal justice system, and more.

Queering the Zone: Learning from Midwestern Queer and Trans Elders

Join SGD and Arlowe Clementine as we discuss the importance of being in community with QT elders.

Available Resources