Name and Gender Marker Changes

Changing your name and/or gender at KU (Students only)

Students should change their information with the Office of the University Registrar first, if possible (this only applies to legal name and gender marker changes). This should change personal information in the Enroll and Pay system and update the records in most university-wide databases. Some of these databases are updated daily and some, monthly. Contact the Office of the University Registrar for assistance. Biographic & Demographic RecordsTo change your academic records - whether it's a name, ethnicity, or gender - one must complete a Correction to University Records form and turn it into the Office of the University Registrar. Students must provide identification using a state issued identification card, Social Security card, Drivers License, Military ID, Marriage License, Divorce Decree or Passport. International Students must have their passports. Visas are not accepted as identification.

If you are a KU Medical Center student, the form can be found here.

KU Card

The KU identification card is not a form of legal ID. Students, staff, and faculty should be able to get a KU Card using their chosen name instead of their legal first name. We are currently in the process of confirming this policy. Please email with any questions or concerns. 

Replacement KU Card Fee Waiver for Gender and Name Changes (Students Only)

There is now a replacement KU Card Fee Waiver for gender and name changes.  Student Senate will cover replacement KU card fees for LGBTQIA+ students to better reflect their gender identity(ies).  Please know that having a legal name change is not required for the fee waiver. Please email  Please include your official name and student ID in the email.  After receiving your email, we will inform the KU Card Office to send the invoice for your replacement card to the KU Student Senate Office.  You will be able to get a new card without paying any fees.  Please know that other KU systems will be updated with your new photo.

Legally changing your name (Students only)

Students looking for legal advice on changing their names or gender markers, can utilize Legal Services for Students (LSS) on campus. LSS have helped trans and gender nonconforming Jayhawks with preparation, drafting, and review of legal documents. Enrolled students changing their name or gender marker have access to LSS free of charge because of the required campus fees they pay each semester. Please call Legal Services for Students at (785) 864-5665 or stop by their office in the Burge Union, Room 2030, to set up an appointment.

Adding a preferred name (Students only)

To enter a Preferred Name, log in to the Enroll and Pay system. Students can change their preferred name under "Campus Personal Information," then "names." (This should automatically be changed if one has already changed the information with the University Registrar.)

The preferred name you list in Enroll and Pay will transfer to many systems across the university, however it will not reach all systems. For instance, your instructors will see your "preferred name" in Blackboard and it will no longer list your "legal name." However, some systems will only list your legal name as it is considered a legal form of identification. If you have questions about which systems will be affected, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Adding a preferred name (Staff/Faculty)

Staff and faculty may add or modify a preferred name in the HR/Pay system by emailing The HR/Pay preferred name for non-student employees is used in Outlook, KU People Search and Skype.

Updating your email name

Students, staff and faculty can update their email aliases at If you would like to change the display name on your KU email (that auto populates in Outlook) and you have not entered a preferred name, you should contact KU Information Technology Customer Service at or 785-864-8080.


Blackboard will display the "preferred name" set in Enroll and Pay in the ‘First Name’ column in Blackboard. Blackboard will no longer display the legal name of the student or staff if a preferred name is entered. However, if the student becomes an Employee and has not set their "preferred name" with HR their HR name will overwrite the Enroll and Pay name. Blackboard and Enroll and Pay sync nightly, so the change may not be immediate.

Contact the Center of Sexuality and Gender Diversity directly for any additional help with this process at